The Great American Bird Count Begins!

Posted on: February 18th, 2011 by Kay Swatkowski

Spring is coming! While bike riding and hikes in the woods are still out of the question there are some fun things we can do to help our grandchildren connect with the beautiful world around them! And, we can build some great memories at the same time.

Tomorrow begins the Great American Bird Count
. For four days,(February 18-21) families across America will be identifying and counting the birds in their own backyard for 15 minutes a day. At they will record their own count and be able to see the final tally.

Learn more about The Great American Bird Count at

Let us know if you participated in The Great American Bird Count! I can’t wait to enlist the help of my two oldest grandchildren, Nikki and Kevin.

Have fun!

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3 Responses

  1. Margaret says:

    Kay, This is absolutely wonderful…I love everything! I’m going to do the bird count and will share the info with my grandchildren. We are starting our yearly hunt for the robin – Ist, 2nd and 3rd place finders in the family always get a prize. It’s been a fun family tradition in ours for years! May bundance and blessings be yours in this adventure. me

  2. Felicia Gibbs says:

    This website is absolutely wonderful!!! I love it! We all know how important a grandma is in the life of a child; both the grandma’s child, and the grandchild. :)
    How cool is the Great American Bird Count? I did see my first Robins of the season just this week!
    I look forward to visiting often! Thank you for sharing such a treasure with us.
    All the best, always,

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