Rice Instead of Sand??

Posted on: August 2nd, 2011 by Kay Swatkowski

Having worked in some preschool settings, I know for a fact that rice is a great alternative to sand.  Here is a young mom’s ideas for giving your kids the great hands on experience that sand provides, but without the mess!

Playing with sand or rice introduces the children to a variety of textures.  The tactile experience is important to development.  Playing in sand or rice improves coordination and motor skills.  And, it is just plain fun to imagine roads, or mountains or to make pretend cakes.

This is an easy activity that grandparents can have on hand when the kids spend the weekend.

Be sure to check out this original post: http://kirstencan.typepad.com/kirstencan/2008/07/rice-table.html

Source: kirstencan.typepad.com via Marina on Pinterest

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  1. This is a great option that I used with my kids too! Make sure it is stored in an airtight container cuz “critters” love it! :( Just sayin’

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