National S’mores Day is August 10th – Let’s Celebrate

Posted on: August 7th, 2011 by Kay Swatkowski

August 10th is National S’mores Day

The first reference to S’mores is found in a Girl Scout Handbook dated 1927.  Most believe the name came from children around a campfire clamoring, “Gimme some more!”

I hope you will be able to toast a marshmallow or two in honor of National S’mores Day. If you have a chance to share a S’more with a grandkid or two, be sure to let us know!

S’mores Ideas

  1. Always use the best graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate you can.  One stale or inferior ingredient can ruin the entire cookie experience.
  2. There is a camping website that gives you information on marshmallow roasting sticks.  I had no idea there were five kinds of utensils that are made just for roasting marshmallows.  Check out this family camping site for more of this fun  information:
  3. Try a French S’more.  Have you ever eaten a Petit Ecolier (Little Schoolboy cookie)? They are delicious and are available in the cookie aisle alongside the other gourmet cookies.  Little Schoolboy Cookies are graham cracker like and  topped with delicious French chocolate.  Just toast a marshmallow and put them between two Little Schoolboy cookies for a wonderful treat.
  4. If you don’t have access to a campfire, use marshmallow topping between two graham crackers, then add a square of delicious milk chocolate.

You can find more interesting ideas for S’mores at

Do you have a special tradition or recipe related to S’mores?

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11 Responses

  1. Cindi says:

    Just before my precious grandkids left for their new home in Austin, TX, I took them camping. Just my dil, and the kids. We had a blast and S’Mores were definitely on their must-do list! This time we used giant marshmallows and also tried toasted coconut ones! It was so hot when we camped I feared we would not want a campfire. When it cooled to 82 we went for it! They loved the entire camping trip, but the S’mores sealed the deal! Try the Reese’s squares or minis for a variation. We have also used caramello’s…yum! Also, the adults appreciate dark sweet chocolate.

    • Kay says:

      Cindi, your kiddos must have had a great time. It sounds as if there are endless options for S’mores in your family. Thank you for the suggestions!

  2. Kathy says:

    WOW, they have a day for this!! I love smore’s!! Yummy! Now I have an excuse to stuff myself with them on the 10th! Great blog!


    • Kay says:

      Kathy,,,make sure you read the comment before yours’ where Cindi suggests marshmallows with toasted coconut! There is reason to celebrate!

  3. We enjoy camping and always make S’Mores with the grandkids around the campfire. Tonight the Hubster told me about a S’more Pie you can make with graham cracker pie crust, chocolate and marshmallows in the oven!

  4. jean wise says:

    I haven’t had a smore for ages and what fun to find out they have their own day. I certainly like your blog, Kay and all you share. Keep it up. There is a great spirit here.

  5. Yummy, I love s’mores.

    • Kay says:

      Nanette, yes! They are the best. I just found a recipe for a s’more ice cream terrine I am going to post soon! It looks wonderful.

  6. Kathy Winans says:

    Wow, that is good to know, I love ‘Smores! Time to dig get the fire pit going! Great post :)

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