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Posted on: October 30th, 2011 by Kay Swatkowski

Does your relationship with your grandchildren matter? Are there ways you can influence their spiritual lives?

Find answers to these questions with Kay Swatkowski’s 30-day adventure in prayer, One Endless Line of Faith. Filled with heartwarming stories from the author’s own experience, guided prayers, and dozens of Scripture references to lead you along the way, this book will help the caring grandparent establish a daily habit of prayer for the entire family. A practical “Think and Do” section for each day provides helpful ideas for strengthening the grandparent/grandchild connection. This book will inspire and support you on your journey of prayer as you seek to be a godly influence in your grandchildren’s lives.

This book is available on Kindle for a very reasonable fee.  If you do not have kindle, you can visit  the kindle site and learn how to download Kindle PC Software for your computer. It is free.   Once that is installed, you can download any Kindle book and your computer becomes your reader.  Anyway you look at it, Kindle is  a reasonable way to get quality books at a low price and fast speed.

Today, I heard from two women who purchased the books this afternoon.  They were both struggling with the same thing.  They wanted to read it all at once!  The stories were encouraging to them!   Thank you to Fran and Nancy for your comments.

I hope you will visit Amazon Kindle and enter One Endless Line of Faith and begin your 3o Days of Prayer for your children and grandchildren.  Here is the link.. http://

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    This is awesome Kay! I am very excited for you!

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