Snow Play

Posted on: December 30th, 2011 by Kay Swatkowski

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It is January 12th and the weather people are forecasting our first big snowstorm!  This is good news for children!  Not so good news for commuters.

Should your children be the lucky recipients of a snow day here are a few additional snow play ideas you can add to sledding, snowball fights and snow forts.  Please take a minute and tell us what great ideas you have for playing in the  snow.

1.  Footprints in the snow. Have children stomp around leaving distinct footprints.  Then give them a small container with water colored with food coloring and a paint brush.  They can color in their own footprints.  Have them watch to see if the colors change as the water freezes in the snow.

2. Snow art.  Give children spray bottles with colored water.  Let them spray the snow and create their own snow art. Or allow them to make a snow man and “paint” clothes on.

3. Snow Snake. Instead of a snowman, have the kids see how many snowballs they can join together to make the longest snake possible.

4. Snow Castles. Children love making sand castles.  Snow castles can be just as much fun.  Using cake pans, loaf pans and cereal bowls, kids can use their imagination and turn snow into towers and turrets.  You can purchase snow castle kits on amazon as well.

5. Catching snowflakes. Freeze a piece of thick black paper. Take it outside to catch snowflakes and use a magnifying glass for children to examine the snowflakes.  The frozen paper will give the children a little more time to view the snowflakes before they melt.

6. Ice Cube Scavenger Hunt. Freeze colored water in ice cube trays.  Hide the colored ice cubes in the snow and let the children dig for them like buried treasure.

Stuck Inside?  Check out Grandma’s Winter Library, an article in our Read Aloud Section.  It will give you some great winter book ideas to check out from your local library.

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