Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Posted on: January 17th, 2012 by Kay Swatkowski

We first posted this cookie recipe in september and decided to repost it again because of its popularity.

Don’t you just love a good chocolate chip cookie?

I have been looking for a new recipe for quite a while.  Just today, I happened upon this recipe at the cooking website,Savory Sweet Life. I made a batch this afternoon for my husband and they are truly The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Ever!

Heavy on the brown sugar, using medium coarse sea salt and adding baking powder to the recipe, these cookies are truly special.  I love the addition of the sea salt.  After you finish the  cookie, you are left with a slightly salty taste and it is absolutely wonderful!

I did weigh the flour and was amazed at the difference!

Using parchment paper and the additional instructions on cooling helped to make these cookies turn out perfectly.

I want Alice at Savory Sweet Life to get all the credit, so here is a link to this brilliant recipe!

In the picture, you will notice my Grandma’s cookie jar! This cookie jar was in her pantry when I was a kid, so it has to be over 60 years old.  If you ever stop by my house for coffee, feel free to help yourself to a cookie from Grandma’s cookie jar.

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