Don’t Lick That Spoon! Or, How To Make Your Own Hand And Body Lotion

Posted on: January 30th, 2012 by Kay Swatkowski

No, this is not pink icing!  It is homemade hand and body lotion.

Among younger moms, there is a trend toward homemade household and beauty products.  I love this interest in making products that are healthier as well as less expensive.

My daughter has made her own hand and body lotion from a website she found online.  It is outstanding.  And, you only have to use a tiny bit to make your hands feel soft.


8 ounces of baby lotion

8 ounces of Vitamin E Cream (not oil – not ointment )

8 ounces of Vaseline.

I actually made a smaller batch. I bought a 4 ounce jar of Vitamin E Cream.  I emptied that into a mixing bowl and then used the container to measure out equal amounts of baby lotion and Vaseline.

Use a hand mixer to whip it all together.  Make sure all the chunks of Vaseline are well mixed in.  Find some great containers for your homemade hand lotion.

I actually took some to a small group of ladies today and we were all massaging it into our hands and enjoying a very subtle baby lotion fragrance.

I found the instructions for this on Judy Laquidira’s website, Patchwork Times.  Check it out!

Thanks to all you young moms who are posting such great recipes on the internet.

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