The First Robin of Spring

Posted on: February 2nd, 2012 by Kay Swatkowski

Little robin redbreast sitting in the tree……

My Grandmother loved to say that poem to us when we were small.  Our job was to spot the first robin and come running to her with the news.  She would then tell us “Spring is right around the corner.”

A Grandmother I know has a “Spot the First Robin” contest with her grown children and grandchildren.   Wherever they are, they can check in with Grandma about spotting the first robin.

Because she has a large family, she has  first, second and third place prizes.  There is a little robin statue that has circulated throughout the family for years.

Maybe this would be a fun activity for your children – near or far.  Maybe you can find a silly prize or even a little treat the first “spotter” could receive.

I’m keeping my eye out for the first robin, because according to the Journey North website (a group that tracks migration) robins could be spotted in Illinois any time now!

Check out Journey North to follow bird and butterfly migration with your nature loving grandkids.

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  1. Sue Atwood says:

    Love this idea, only we don’t have robins out here on a regular basis. I always was so excited when the robins came back. Just loved to see them again and hear their singing. Believe it or not, I really did see one two days ago in my backyard. I think he was blown off course. :)

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