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Posted on: March 1st, 2012 by Kay Swatkowski

Barbara Parentini

Over the past few months, I have become friends with Barbara Parentini.  I first became acquainted with Barb when I discovered her beautiful line of greeting cards – Soaring Hearts Cards.  Having experienced some unique challenges, each of her cards expresses the encouragement she finds in God’s Creation and Word.

I love Barb’s beautiful southern accent and gentle spirit and am grateful for my new friend.

Barb has contributed to Amazing Faith by Insight Publishing, the miraculous story of  her  life-changing accident; One Year Life Verse Devotional by Tyndale House Publishers; Daily Devotions for Writers from The Writing Academy; HUGS Bible Reflections for Women by Howard/Simon and Schuster, and others.

She is a graduate of C.L.A.S.S. (Christian Leaders, Authors, Speakers Seminars), a member of American Christian Fiction Writers, Christian Authors Guild, North Carolina Poetry Society, and founder of the Light of Carolina Christian Writers. Barb and her husband are blessed to dream amidst bluebirds and hollyhocks in the pastoral beauty of North Carolina.

Using the 2 Corinthians passage Barb encourages Christian women in her Living Letters® Seminars ~ Writing Your Keepsake Letter to consider writing letters to the people they love. Barbara believes a handwritten, thoughtful and artistic letter communicates love and respect for the intended recipient.

You may find upcoming events posted on her website after May, 2012, or contact her for more information about scheduling a Living Letters® Seminar and Tea. Events for brides, caregivers, and grandmothers are in the planning stages for 2012-2013.

Barbara recommends the book by Margaret Shepherd, The Art of the Personal Letter, a valuable resource and guide for anyone wanting to connect through letters.

What is a Living Letter®?  We will let Barbara define this in her own words:

“Living Letters® are life-giving letters from your heart that are rooted in love, guided by Scripture, and uplifts the person who receives it. Your letter is alive with the power of the Holy Spirit. When you convey words of goodwill, forgiveness, and love, you become an instrument God can use to bless others, and bless you.”

Here are some tips I have gleaned from my conversations with Barb.

o    Plan your letter. What are the recipient’s interests? How old are they? What do you hope to accomplish through your letter?

o    What words of affirmation would be helpful to the receiver?

o    Can you share stories that remind them that you love and value them? As you write the letter try to share some details about yourself and your surrounding so that years from now they have a better idea about what your world was like.

o    What Scripture could you use to make your letter come to life? Write words that inspire and encourage your grandchild, that say, “I believe in you.”

o    Can you enclose a friendly photo or cartoon they may enjoy? Something that will deepen the bond between you or make them laugh?

o    How will you close your letter? Will you bless them with your words?

o    Choose the appropriate paper and ink. If it is a young girl, take the time to make it feminine and something she would enjoy. If a boy, what would make this appealing to him?

o    Write a practice letter and then copy it on to the paper you have chosen.

o    Pray for the recipient of your letter that your words will comfort, encourage and communicate love.

Barbara talks about the benefits of writing a letter rather than simply calling a loved one on the phone. Spoken words evaporate, leaving no trace of the communication, but written words can be read again and again, each time bringing comfort, joy, peace and love to the heart of the reader.

Barbara also creates a line of greeting cards. Soaring Heart Cards are lovely. I especially love one she has created with an English Tea theme. Please visit my friend’s website: See Products.

You will immediately see her heart of love for God and desire to help women communicate that love.

I am joining with Barbara in this revival of letter writing. In fact, if you want to love on your grandkids, this is a wonderful way to express your love to them.

Here is a sample of one of Barbara’s cards. I hope you will visit her site and learn more about her cards and letter writing seminars. http://

Soaring Hearts Cards

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  1. Thank you, Kay, for inviting me to your wonderful space for grandmothers to gather. I hope your visitors will pen their Keepsake Letters,letters filled with laughter and love; and create a legacy to bless their granchildren for decades to come. I’d love to share my Living Letters® Seminars with your readers. Please let me know about your letters!


    “You show that you are a letter from Christ, the result of our ministry, written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts.” II Cor 3:3 NIV

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