What are Pro-Life People Really Like?

Posted on: April 21st, 2012 by Kay Swatkowski

A recent facebook posting by a devoted pro-choicer troubled me.  The premise of his post was this: pro-life people are not only cold and uncaring, but after the baby is born they want to take from the mother all forms of assistance to raise the child and when the child is grown send him off to war to die.

This is not the first time I have heard this sad line of reasoning.  But, this is the first time it raised this important question in my mind.

What are pro-life people really like?

Thinking of the thousands of pro-life people I have crossed paths with over the years, it took me five minutes to come up with a long list that describes the vast population of pro-lifers that I know.

Pro-life people in large numbers work diligently to make life better for children around the world.

  • They are teachers, doctors, nurses, receptionists, computer programmers, cashiers, car salesmen, dieticians, musicians, child-care providers and individuals from every walk of life who believe that life is sacred.
  • They give of their time and finances to crisis pregnancy centers.  They offer furniture, baby care items and clothing to help these young mothers prepare for their child.  They pray and support these moms in many ways.
  • They are adoptive and foster parents who have chosen to embrace a child as their own.
  • They are facilitators of Teen Mom groups and mentor young moms in the great challenge of raising children.
  • They are big brothers and big sisters to children in their communities.
  • They tutor children in reading, math and other subjects and cheer on kids who struggle academically.
  • They participate in food pantries and clothing distribution at local agencies and churches.
  • They donate to organizations such as Feed My Starving Children that provide food to children around the world. They understand the need for clean water and sanitation and give to those projects.
  • They give their vacation time to work in areas hit hard by natural disasters and teach their children  – by example – to care for those in need.
  • They give to their churches’ benevolent funds to provide assistance to families in their congregations and communities.
  • They are determined to end human trafficking around the world.
  • They take seriously the issues of abuse and neglect and offer educational programs for parents.
  • They build shelters for the homeless and for women and children in difficult or abusive situations.
  • They build homes and schools in cities (such as Rio de Janeiro) where children are not valued, providing a safe and loving place for children whose only home has been the streets.
  • They sponsor children through World Vision, Compassion and other organizations, providing boys and girls with clothing, food, medical care and education.
  • They go to places like Haiti and visit orphanages, hand out shoes, work to provide clean water and play with children who have lost loved ones.
  • They go to orphanages in Kenya to build beds and make repairs so that these boys and girls will have a comfortable and safe place to live.
  • They send Christmas boxes to children through Samaritan’s purse, providing children with basic items, small gifts and a moment of joy.
  • They counsel and encourage hurting single moms, husbands and wives, children and adolescents.
  • They build playgrounds around the world, providing safe and fun ways for children to play and develop.
  • They engage in medical missions in areas that most of us will never see.
  • They teach Sunday School, work in after school programs, counsel at camps and work at recreational facilities.
  • They work with developmentally challenged adults and children, often sacrificing personal time to provide support and care.
  • They are nannies and caregivers.
  • They are grandmas and grandpas who spend their retirement years being supportive of their children and grandchildren and providing childcare where needed.
  • They are moms and dads whose children are precious to them and who cannot escape this fact: Children are a gift from the Lord.

I know there is little I can do to change the mind of someone who has already condemned us for our beliefs.  But, next time I encounter someone who does not understand the hearts of pro-life people , I hope I will be prepared to kindly and respectfully offer this perspective.

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  1. sue atwood says:

    Amen! So very true. People who think so poorly of prolifers must not know them personally or have to choose not to know what their lives are really like. I think they condemn without knowledge.

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