31 Conversations I Want to Have With My Grandson – #2

Posted on: May 24th, 2012 by Kay Swatkowski

Cache- Cache

As we trust God to give us wisdom for today’s decisions, He will lead us a step at a time into what He wants us to be doing in the future

-Theodore Epp

Two year old, Madelyn, loves to play hide and seek.  While living in France, we learned that French children call the game of hide-and-seek, cache-cache.  It is fun to hear our gentle Maddi say “cache-cache” (cash-cash) in her very tiny voice as she covers her eyes with her equally tiny hands and pretends to count.  Children love to hide.  Children squeal when they are  found.

How many hours have you spent playing cache-cache with your own children and grandchildren?  It is always a good way to get big and little kids playing together.

Sometimes, searching for something that is hidden is more serious.  Lost keys, lost wallet, a favorite piece of jewelry, a gift given by a loved one, a lost dog or worst of all – a lost kid throws us into full search and panic mode.  Depending upon what we are looking for, we are pommeled with a rush of adrenaline that energizes us on our search and sends our heart rate and breathing into full gallop.

When our search is for something that is precious and priceless to us, our quest takes on a deep meaning and require all our human resources.  There is an urgency to our search that is both painful and hopeful.

At the age of seven I took part in an intense search.  For months, I had begged my patient grandfather for a birthstone ring, necklace and bracelet for my upcoming birthday.  Even though I had nagged him for weeks, I was totally surprised at my party to open three little boxes that contained my long desired jewelry.  Grandpa had remembered and had gone to all the trouble of finding jewelry that would fit my small wrist and finger.  I knew he had taken time to find just the right thing.

Three or four days later, the jewelry had disappeared.  I was devestated.  Had I lost them playing in the yard the night before?  Had I lost them when we dumped clippings from the yard down the hill beside our house?  Maybe my precious items had slid down into grandpa’s green recliner as I sat and admired their beauty.  My poor sisters were dragged into the search, a search that went on for days and even weeks.  I was heartbroken and so afraid my grandfather would be disappointed in me.

When my sweet grandfather passed away four months later, my anxiety resurfaced and the search began anew.  Once again, I looked under every table, chair, sofa and bed in both our house and grandma’s house.  I crawled in the grass between our houses, desperate to find my ring, necklace and bracelet.

They had truly gone cache cache and I never did find them again.

Whenever I think of searching for something precious, I get the same fluttery feeling in my head and stomach – the adrenaline rush that puts me on high alert like an alarm system makes me more aware and observant as I began my search.

In Proverbs 2, Solomon recommends to his son that he began a search: a search for Wisdom.  This is not to be an ordinary game of cache-cache.  Solomon intends his son to go after God’s wisdom with earnestness and emotion.  He tells him that he needs to search for wisdom and understanding by “crying out” or “lifting up his voice.” Obviously, this is not a solitary, quiet search.  It is an active quest and mission.

In verse 4 Solomon tells his son that he must “seek” wisdom.  The word  used here for seek means to “dig.”

Do you get the  picture of someone who has pulled out all the stops in the search of something that is precious?  He cries out. He lifts up his voice. He digs. He perseveres and is diligent in his search. He doesn’t give up until he has received the reward of his search.

Solomon helps his son by contrasting the man who does not search for wisdom, who just allows life to  happen to him, with the man who actively seeks God’s Wisdom.

The Earnest Seeker of Wisdom

If he inclines his ear to wisdom, if he looks for it as for silver and searches  for it as ardent treasure this man will understand the fear of the Lord and have knowledge of God

The Lord will give this seeker wisdom, success. God will be a shield to the one seeking wisdom. He will guard  his path and protect his way. This man  will walk in the way of the upright and he will dwell in the land.

The Non-Seeker of Wisdom

The words of the man not seeking wisdom are perverse and not to be trusted. He  has left the good path. In fact, his paths are crooked.  His ways are devious and lead him down to the house of the wicked. His paths are unprotected by God and he will be torn from the land.

Seeking God and His Wisdom is the first priority of our lives.  It is a non-negotiable.  God wants to give us wisdom and will give it to us when we faithfully seek it.

I want my grandsons to cry out, lift up their voices, be earnest and impassioned, dig if they have to, until they have discovered the wisdom and knowledge of God.

Heavenly Father,

I thank you that you do not play cache cache with your word. It is always available to us so that we can search out your wisdom.  Father, soften the heart of every member of our family until we all join in on this great search for your limitless, priceless, life-changing wisdom.   We cry out for Wisdom, O Lord.  We lift up our voices to you, saying that we know you are the only one who can give us the true words of life.  May my grandsons lead the charge in this great quest for wisdom.

Think ane Do

1. Check out http://www.geocaching.com/.  Geocaching is a real life, outside treasure hunt.  Using a hand held GPS, you and your grandkids will use navigational coordinates to find hidden treasure in state and national parks.   Check with friends who geocache to make sure you are going to safe and easy areas for your first attempts at geocaching.  Wear sunscreen, mosquito repellent, long sleeves  and hats for your trek  in the woods. Bring along a couple bottles of water and a fully charged cell phone.  Learn all you can and take your grandkids out for an opportunity to search–and sometimes search hard for a treasure that has been hidden.

2.  When you get back read a verse or two from Proverbs about seeking wisdom.  Ask them how geocaching is similar to seeking God’s Wisdom. How is it different?  Read James 1:5. If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that gives to all men liberally. Ask these questions:  Who does God give wisdom to?  Are there exceptions?  How do you feel about wisdom?  What will you do as you grow older to get wisdom?

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  1. Jenn says:

    I loved how you brought together Hide-n-Seek and wisdom–and yet–the Word of God is not one that is hidden–we still must seek his Wisdom in our everyday lives. Just beautiful Kay!! Thank you for sharing this :) Cheers, Jenn

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