Chocolat Chaud – French Hot Chocolate

Posted on: December 7th, 2012 by Kay Swatkowski

Hot! Hot!
Oh, we got it!
Hot! Hot!
So, we got it!
Hot! Hot!
Yo, we got it!
Hot chocolate!

Here, we’ve only got one rule:
Never ever let it cool!
Keep it cookin in the pot,
You’ve got-
Hot choc-o-lat!

- Polar Express

French Chocolat Chaud

 Ever since we had our first taste of Chocolat Chaud in a little Parisian Cafe, I’ve not been able to tolerate instant hot chocolate.  The French have perfected their hot chocolate and it is truly a sweet experience.

You will find a few recipes for chocolat chaud (sho-co-la, show) on the internet.  They are all very similar.  Milk, high quality chocolate and whipped cream. Some people add sugar.  Normally, in French cafes there would be a bowl with sugar cubes and we could add as much or as little as we like. There is something wonderful about sitting with a cup of chocolat chaud and slowly stirring in a sugar cube.  It makes one take their time to savor every chocolate drop.

Ingredients for Two Servings

3.5 to 4 ounces of a high quality chocolate (It needs to be 60 to 70% cacoa)

2 Cups of milk  (needs to be at least 2% – some people substitute half and half for 1 cup of the milk)

Homemade whipped cream or Extra Creamy RediWhip

You can do this two ways. First break the chocolate into fairly small pieces (do not chop). Save a small square to grate on top at the end. Then you can put the chocolate in a sauce pan with a couple of TBS of hot water and melt slowly. Don’t overheat the chocolate and feel free to add a teaspoon of hot water if needed to keep it thin enough to stir in milk.


You can heat half of the milk and then add the chocolate.  When it is melted add the remaining milk.  You can use a double boiler for both methods.

Add the milk (or half and half) slowly to the chocolate using a whisk to gently stir the milk in. Heat till very hot, but not scalding.  Taste and add sugar if you would like.  Or allow everyone to add their own sugar.

Pour into cups.  Add the whipped cream.  Grate the remaining chocolate on top.

Experiment until you have just the right amount of chocolate to milk. It should be creamy and not overpowering.

C’est bien le chocolat chaud!\

Here is another great recipe for a chocolate chip cookie bar with a brown sugar meringue topping.

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