Hello.  Welcome to The American Grandma.

My name is Kay Swatkowski.  I am the mother of four and grandmother of six. I am also a faith based counselor working under the umbrella of North Point Church in Northeastern Illinois. I am not a state licensed professional counselor, but am licensed by the National Christian Counselors Association and function as a provider of pastoral care.  My husband, Ray(Pastor, Missionary, Denominational leader and current Director of Mobilization through Pinnacle Ministries) and  live in Antioch, Illinois.

If you live in Northeastern Illinois or Southeastern Wisconsin and are interested in faith-based counseling or spiritual direction, please feel free to contact me through email: kays@compasschristiancounseling.com or on my cell phone at 847-912-1787.

Why the title American Grandma?

Like most of you, I spend my time juggling work, home, church, friends and my growing desire to have an impact on my grandchildren’s lives.

I am an American Grandmother.

A 2010 survey from www.grandparents.com revealed that grandparents make up 1/3 of the households in America.  In 2010, 60% of grandparents were still in the work force.  Today, some level of regular childcare is provided by 72% of all grandparents and  13% of grandparents are the full time  caregivers for their grandchildren.

Most of these full time grandparents are still working to meet their family’s financial needs.  Some grandparents delay their own plans for retirement in order to care for grandchildren.

As a result of sweeping cultural changes, the role of grandparent is more challenging and critical  than ever.

You are invited to become part of the American Grandma community and accompany us on this meaningful journey of loving kids.  I hope we can share insights, inspiration, information and support that will help you nurture a satisfying and life changing relatiionship with your children’s children.

View our food section where grandmothers from across America share Family Favorite Recipes or take a few minutes to  read humorous and inspiring stories of meaningful meal times from our pasts.

Our fun section will offer ideas on games, toys, activities and trips you can take with grandkids.  We will also offer some “instant grandma” ideas for when you only have an hour or two but want to connect with your grandkids in a lighthearted way.

Are your grandkids at a distance?  Our tech guy will have some suggestions for ways to stay in touch.

Want to read to your grandkids but are unsure of what to include in your library?  Over time our Read Aloud Section will help you stock your bookshelves with the best in children’s literature.

Are you the blessed recipient of a spiritual heritage – one that you want to pass on to your grandkids?   Read through the faith section to learn how others have communicated their faith and used prayer as a tool for influencing the next generation.

A  short daily blog will offer fresh insights on relating to and understanding today’s kids and hopefully will provide energy to continue on.

American Grandmas come in different ages and with different histories, talents and responsibilities. Whether your grandkids are a thousand miles away or right next door, we all share a passion to influence their lives in meaningful ways.

Thank you for coming to The American Grandma.  I hope this site offers you encouragement and strength as you love your children’s children.

“We will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord….so the next generation would know them, even the children yet to be born.”  Psalm 78:4,6

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